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Uncertain Magazine
volume 3: woman, p 199

Indisposable Concept
sarah a., roll 2

The Candy Zine: Issue 14

The Candy Zine: Issue 13

Little Wing Film Festival
london, england

SANDWICHES Film Festival
twin falls, idaho

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b. 1994
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA B.A. in Film & TV Production, Film studies minor
Aug 2012 ‒ May 2016
Graduated Cum Laude from the 6th top-rated film school in the nation.
Thesis film, The Call of the Running Tide, nominated and hand picked for American Society of Cinematographer's national student award; Premiered at Little  Wing  Film  Festival  in  London,  England, and featured at Twin Falls SANDWICHES film festival in Idaho.


Leepson Bounds Entertainment, Redondo Beach, CA Associate Producer

Aug 2017 ‒ PRESENT
              Road To Westminster, Nat Geo Wild
              A Wedding and A Murder, Oxygen

Cast Partner, West Hollywood, CA — Casting Assistant

July 2017 ‒ November 2017
             Road To Westminster, Nat Geo Wild
             Support client with preparations before auditions
             Organize flow of a large influx of auditions for clients such as Apple, Nike, and Walmart
             Camera operator for hundreds of auditions

Freelance, Los Angeles, CA —   Production Manager

March 2015 ‒ Present
             A Valediction (short, 2018)
             “You Are So Pretty” Thumpasauras (music video, 2017)
             Hide Your Fires (short, 2017)
             Coulrophobe (short, 2017)
             Reapers (short, 2017)
             Wordsmith (short, 2017)
             What Was Left (short, 2016)
             Iʼll Be Alright (short, 2016)
             20 Weeks (feature, 2016)
             Off The Grid (short, 2016)
             I Wanna Be (short, 2016)
             Embers (short, 2016)
             I Can Handle It (short, 2015)
             Get A Grip (short, 2015)
             Timeless (short, 2015)

Freelance, Los Angeles, CA —         Art Department

February 2013 ‒ Present
            FAIR (commercial, 2017)
            “Hold On -­‐ Remix” Chord Overstreet (music video, 2017)
            Ziggyʼs Will (short, 2017)
            Cut! (short, 2016)
            Cinco De Mayo (short, 2015)
            Wallflowers (web series, 2014)
            Nervous Peers (short, 2014)
            Frigid Halloween (short, 2013)

Freelance, Los Angeles, CA —        Camera Department

April 2013 ‒ Present
            M Girls (Cinematographer, Feature Spec, 2018)
            Things You Say When Youʼre High (DP, sketch, 2017)
            20 Weeks (additional camera work, feature , 2016)
            The Right Bank (2nd AC, short, 2015)
            Timeless (2nd AC, short, 2015)
            Playing Dirty (2nd AC, short, 2015)
            Burlesque (Cinematographer, documentary, 2014)
            Querbeat (Cinematographer, documentary, 2014)
            Maria Groß (Cinematographer, documentary, 2014)
            Berlin Sessions (Cinematographer, documentary, 2014)
            Ludwigʼs Vase (DP, short, 2014)
            The Big Orange: Edibles (DP, sketch, 2014)
            The Big Orange: Coming Out (DP, sketch, 2014)
            The Big Orange: Venice (DP, sketch, 2014)
            Wes Andersonisms (Cinematographer, short, 2014)
            Nervous Peers (DP, short, 2014)
            Yubi Wallet (Cinematographer, commercial, 2013)
            Solace (2nd AC, short, 2013)