15 August 2016

Relationship Goals
 I want someone who will bundle up under a blanket with me while the The Princess Bride is on, shouting "inconceivable!" when I sneak my cold, naked feet under their butt for warmth. someone who doesn't mind pausing it when I have to pee again cause they know I have a small bladder and hate to miss things, and I don't like asking "What'd I miss?" when they're trying to watch ... I want someone who won't mind when I absentmindedly fiddle with their hair at a stop light while a woman walks her goldendoodle along the crosswalk in front of us. The dog's name is probably something new-age and green like Kashi or Mango. We'll go up high to see the night sky or the stretch of the city with remnants of orange lights and I'll mention "sonder" and they'll get it. and we'll be in awe about life and the universe and all those people out there, and all those stars up there... bewildered that last week we were watching The Princess Bride on the couch and now we are just two people in a city of thousands, a country of millions – billions – out there, huddled together or alone on their phone. A shooting star catches my eye. You kiss my forehead and whisper in my ear, "inconceivable!" We take our time walking back to the car.

Stockholm | Sweden | 15 July 2016 | Pentax MX | Portra 400