19 August 2016

Going Away to College
Blink 182 had a lasting impact on my life freshman year -- shout out to Prof. Jenkins! My little sister is going off to college this morning, with a car full of sentimental and decorative crap that she'll most likely bring home during winter break. She and her friends threw a last hurrah party at home, and I'm again reminded of how different we are. We've been getting along recently. I baked cookies for her friends (a mob of boys - pigeons, vultures - hovering over the oven for warm gooey goodness) and took a few photos, but mostly let them chill together before they all spread out across the country. 
Sofia: thanks for being my model, telling me about the newest makeup/highlight craze, and driving me to get Carmela's that one time after I came back from Germany and got lost in a vortex of mindful nonexistence... you know, sister stuff. 

Riga | Latvia | 22 July 2016 | Pentax MX | Portra 400